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Go For Gold and Order Cable Today

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Fox Trumps Social Media TV Chart

So what were the most buzzed about shows? Here are Top 3  –

Broadcast, on Fox the MLB All-Star Game dominated on the social feeds (Spoiler Alert!!! The National League won 8-0), Family Guy and The Simpsons rounded out 2 & 3.

On the cable side the most social shows were 1.) VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, 2.) ESPY Awards on ESPN and 3.) Nick’s Spongebob Squarepants.



DirecTV Loses Viacom Channels

It’s official, DirecTV customers have lost access to Viacom channels such as MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central to name a few.

The Dispute – DirecTV claimed Viacom wants customers to pay over 30% more to keep existing channels and Viacom is claiming that the increase would be a few pennies per day per subscriber.

As of now a deal has not been met between the two companies and both are taking the dispute to social media. Some celebrities even joined in on the battle using hashtag #WhenDirecTVDrops‬ and #DirectvHasMyBack.

Great Cable Deal Here

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Stay Connected while Running

Ever hear of MotoACTV by Motorola? The latest update to the gadget allows users to get Tweets and Facebook posts directly on-screen. The screen has also gone through a re-design making it more user friendly.

Create fitness goals with the new workout options allowing users to set target heart rates for different work out activities like spinning, jogging, walking etc. Phone calls and texts can already be sent to the device.

Do people really need to have a constant connection to social?

Internet Exploring Coming to Xbox

A lot of new and exciting gadgets came out of E3 2012 and one thing to be get ready for is that Internet Explorer is coming to Xbox. Microsoft announced they are hoping to improve the game consoles web browser experience by integrating Kinect Voice with the browser and making your smartphone or tablet a remote control that will control the page you’re on. This new way of browsing will be coming in the second half of 2012.

Utrabooks Give Perfect Blockbuster Movie Experience

Toshiba has recently released their new Satellite U845W laptop giving the Ultrabook a remarkably wide screen, perfect for watching big-ticket flicks. This first-ever Toshiba laptop screen with a 21:9 ratio really gives it’s users the ultimate blockbuster movie viewing experience. The beautifully sharp 14.4 inch display screen with 1,792×768 resolution and insanely loud Harman Kardon speakers gives that true cinematic display.

Does a cinematic screen should like something people would use?


Movies into Cloud Files, Good Idea?

Wednesday, March 7, Warner Bros. introduced a novel idea of turning a physical store bought DVD or Blue-ray movie into a cloud-based file.

This new “disc-to-digital” program introduced on Wednesday provides consumers a convenient way to convert existing movie libraries into a digital form. The idea behind this program is to stop pirating DVD and Blu-ray movies and to slim down some of those larger movie collections.

With any new idea, there has already been some controversy regarding this program. Some critics are saying that people should keep rights to copies of movies that were purchased on their own. Even though pricing has not been released yet, the process requires someone to buy and movie and then pay to have it copied.

Is this really a convenient method? Or should people have the right to buy a DVD and make a copy themselves?


Social Analytics via TV Shows

Bluefin Labs which is a social TV analytics company has raised $12 million in funding to help TV networks and marketers track different audiences in how they are responding and reacting to television shows throughout social media sites.

Leading the way for investing in this start up is Time Warner Cable. The large amount of financing will accelerate growth of sales, top notch technology and strong efforts in client services. The platform analyzes and organizes social media conversations whther it be a tweet or a Facebook comment.

Some of the networks and agencies that are using the dashboard include CBS, MediaCom and MTV.



MySpace Available On New TV

Justin Timberlake is bring MySpace back? MySpace co-owner and Timberlake joined Panasonic at the 2012 CES announcing a new TV service.

The next generation of Panasonic have gotten a lot more social. Panasonic’s new HDTV line will have an app called MySpace TV which allows viewers to see and comment on what their MySpace friends are watching. They will also have the option to comment through the TV and via smartphone and tablet devices.

The early channels available on MySpace TV will focus on music, and then movies, news, sports, etc.

This sounds very interesting. Do people even use MySpace anymore? Maybe there will be a shift away from Facebook in the near future.

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