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App Lets You Watch Live TV

Comcast has released a new service which allows subscribers to turn their iPad into a TV. Comcast introduced a box called AnyPlay at the 2012 CEC which gives customers to opportunity to watch live television on their tablet. Users can watch a show included in their channel lineup.

Comcast is also offering 8,000 free hours of On Demand movies and television shows. AnyPlay is free for Xfinity Triple Play users.

Which device do you prefer to watch your favorite show on? TV or Tablet?


3D Losing Buzz

3D is losing its buzz. Fast. And the hype around the product isn’t nearly as exciting as manufactures were trying to make it sound. Maybe the fact that Nintendo 3DS had a significant price drop in less than 6 months of its release to the public shows that the 3D experience is not sought after by consumers. Even the President and CEO of Nintendo suggested that a non-3D game experience should be developed…EA isn’t even interested in developing for 3D either. Why such a weak performance? Maybe 3D will be an option or add-on for users seeing as Sony is still moving forward with their 3D experience. Either way, it is interesting to see the backtracking in such a new technology.

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