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Movies into Cloud Files, Good Idea?

Wednesday, March 7, Warner Bros. introduced a novel idea of turning a physical store bought DVD or Blue-ray movie into a cloud-based file.

This new “disc-to-digital” program introduced on Wednesday provides consumers a convenient way to convert existing movie libraries into a digital form. The idea behind this program is to stop pirating DVD and Blu-ray movies and to slim down some of those larger movie collections.

With any new idea, there has already been some controversy regarding this program. Some critics are saying that people should keep rights to copies of movies that were purchased on their own. Even though pricing has not been released yet, the process requires someone to buy and movie and then pay to have it copied.

Is this really a convenient method? Or should people have the right to buy a DVD and make a copy themselves?



App Lets You Watch Live TV

Comcast has released a new service which allows subscribers to turn their iPad into a TV. Comcast introduced a box called AnyPlay at the 2012 CEC which gives customers to opportunity to watch live television on their tablet. Users can watch a show included in their channel lineup.

Comcast is also offering 8,000 free hours of On Demand movies and television shows. AnyPlay is free for Xfinity Triple Play users.

Which device do you prefer to watch your favorite show on? TV or Tablet?

New Feature for Your Cable Service

Time Warner Cable customers who subscribe to HBO or Cinemax will soon have the option to use HBO GO and MAX GO.

What does this mean? Subscribers will be able to access movies, sports, specials, tv series, and more on any computer, iPad, or mobile device. People will even have a Watchlist which bookmarks content for later viewing much like DVR. The only thing Time Warner customers will need to access HBO GO and MAX GO will be their user names and passwords.

Sounds like a great deal to me. I wonder how others feel.

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